Wear Tory burch Heels small doohickey

New buy back the Tory Burch Heels and put on foot, even if is always grinding the famous brand sometimes hundreds of thousands of block also is such, so is very painful! Here fife teach everyone a few small doohickey help relieve the new Tory burch Heels grinding feet, pinch distress ~ new Tory burch Heels most easily, the two places grinding feet, one is a big toe heels outside.

1. Use a wet towel to grind Tory burch Heels parts in a few minutes, then cover the soft towel dry with blocks feet place, encase crowded with a hammer, knock several feet place knock Tory burch Heels grinding smooth, flat Tory burch Heels after soften cortices feet. Wouldn’t be grinding

2. Take a piece of newspaper, molded into a mess, Tory Burch Flats with water and not too wet, but to the whole regiment touch the water, and then take newspaper wrapped in wet newspapers, stuffed in tight place, then put the Tory burch Heels sealed in a plastic bag, overnight, ok.

3. If new Tory burch Heels for is too small and pinch, might as well use wet towel to cover wet, reoccupy wedges.

4. Put Tory burch Heels before in, grab a piece of soap (used in peacetime candle can also) in contact most part with heel with a thin layer of, heels will therefore become smooth and no longer grinding feet. Article 1 and 4 I tried many times and have the effect very much! ~ you may as well try! In addition to attach very good small method oh!


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